Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Story Girl

Author: L. M. Montgomery
Genre: Childhood, life, children, adventures :)
Series: The Golden Road is it's sequel, but I don't believe they're technically a series
Number in series: 1st
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9
Type: Fiction
Number of pages: 272 (but it's easy reading)
Time period: early 1900's
Main characters: The Story Girl, Bev, Felix, Dan, Felicity, Cecily, Sara Ray and more!
Exciting events: Tons of stories
My overall opinion: It's got life and stories. The Story Girl, as Sara Stanley is called, loves to tell stories, and many of them are in this book, written from Bev's perspective. However, the children also have a variety of adventures and escapades that will make awesome stories, as the Story Girl points out. :)

**P.S. My apologies about The Golden Road getting published wasn't supposed to. :P Though I had the scheduled thing set...guess not. **


Elizabeth Charles said...

Yay! you liked it! :D

Melody said...

I read about half of this...I'm not exactly sure why I didn't finish it, but it had to go back to the library, and the book itself - not the writing, but the publication - was hard to read, as are most the L.M. Montgomery books. Something about the font or size or paper or something...

That bit about the end of the world was so funny. hahaha ;-)

A number of chapters in that book have the same names as episodes on Road to Avonlea. One of them was 'The Hope Chest of Arabella King', but I never got to that in the book. Or maybe it wasn't a chapter, I don't remember. But I really liked the episode. I wonder if it was very similar in the book, or not.

Two chapters that definitely had the same names were 'Proof of the Pudding' and 'How Kissing was Discovered', both of which are quite popular episodes. The former did have something to do with putting sawdust in pudding, (oops!) but was actually about when Aunt Janet left Felicity in charge of the house, and *ahem* Felix. Or at least she wanted to be in charge of him. :P
The latter wasn't anything like the book, no story about how kissing was discovered, but it's a really funny episode...and popular among Avonlea fans. ;-)

I think they have some of those on YouTue. Although I definitely recommend starting from the beginning.

Woah! That ended up being a long comment!